book cover for Perspicacity

Events from the past, secrets of the future, all mix to confuse and confound. Hormones and naiveness plague Ellie as she navigates her special talent and her new world of college, foretelling, and sleuthing. Add her out-of-control roommate and adventure is sure to follow. Normalcy is always in question and perspicacity is all she has. Or does it have her?


cover for The Butterfly Connection

In the fourth and final book of The L & L Mysteries series, Leyla and Lucien are vacationing on an island with their families. Instead of lying in the sun, playing in the waves, and relaxing at the resort, the friends inadvertently find themselves in the middle of a dangerous smuggling operation. It will take their combined sleuthing efforts to discover who is running this smuggling ring and help the authorities apprehend the culprits.