book cover for The Legend of Goat Head Lodge

In the third book of The L & L Mysteries, Leyla and Lucien are invited by their friend, Peter Lawson, to spend a week at Goat Head Lodge and Ski Resort. But they soon learn that it may be their last trip as the lodge may have to close due to financial problems. So, when Lucien and Leyla learn of a legend about a hidden treasure on the resort property, they resolve to find the treasure in hopes of helping keep the beloved lodge open. Hunting for clues, they navigate Billie the goat, avalanche control, and ski resort romances. Will the teens be able to find the treasure in time? Or is the lodge destined to be closed?

cover for A Veil of Shattered Dreams

Have you ever dreamed so hard it was real? A dream world that beckons to you, but is so fragile it could shatter with the mere thought of harsh reality. Katerina dreams of this place. But is it real or only real to her? With her sanity trapped behind a shadowy veil, Katerina struggles to free herself from its hidden secrets. But these secrets come at a terrible cost, a cost that may be too great for her to accept.