book cover for Embers and Fire

Embers of love smother. Patiently glowing for the one that will ignite an eternal flame. But for whom? Rachel, an old love – addict, people user, and all out she-devil? Or Ralina, a breath of fresh air – cute, kindhearted, and a friend to all? Or neither. Dane’s world – where love is complicated and embers burn at his heart.


cover for The L Section

Purgatory is a curious place. A way station for undecided Souls. Bureaucratic, perplexing, and ambiguous. Not a destination of choice. Especially L Section, abode for Liars, Losers, and Leeches. But even these Souls must transition. Both Sides vie for them but is one way really better than the other? Is anything really what it seems?

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