book cover for Blood Origins

Red pain, Red need, Red hunger... Nightmares filled with red, dripping with death. The lines between predator and prey have blurred, nightmares have become a reality and choices must be made. Adelin, half in each world, must choose between a lost mother, found, or a dad who's always been there... The black world, a world filled with darkness and death, or the human.... Will she choose humanity or will she let the darkness consume her? Blood has never been so red.

cover for Prophecy Revealed

So it is spoken, so it shall be, that the Soul of Arial will bring change to thee; With defiance and courage she will paint the scene for two worlds to become one; And by her side will only one rule and win her respect for eternity. A prophecy is given and a Soul is named. Change is coming and the soul must be found. Rulers fret, winged warriors hunt, and Arial eludes. But for how long?