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Literary Fiction

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Steven, the first person narrator, discovers a man whom he refers to as M. Steven believes that M may be a genius, and together they begin a program of activism against what they see as the wrong-headed aspects of their world. Initially, their mostly innocent activities attract like-minded followers. But their eventual focus on Amanda Karlestone, a famously beautiful celebrity whom they believe to be the epitome of everything that they oppose, tests the philosophical purity of their motivations. The final series of dramatic confrontations between Mís world and Amandaís world presents the question of whether Mís project was a work genius or something else entirely.

Mike Mallow

Mike Mallow

Mike Mallow lives in Franklin, West Virginia with his wife and daughter. He is an award-winning newspaper producer and loves spending time working on creative projects ranging from graphic design, videography, photography, animation, and painting. Mike went to college with the dream of writing books, and has been penning stories in his spare time ever since. His favorite authors are C.S. Lewis and Harper Lee. ďHeartspark" is Mike's first novel.