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What's Brewing: In The Country Dark

In the Country Dark

by Mike Mallow

Release Date: September 9, 2020


Darkness is everywhere. It lurks just below the surface, waiting to rear its ugliness, even in small serene West Virginia communities. The darkness of murder and drugs puts a disenchanted journalist and recently reunited childhood friend in the crosshairs of a reclusive rural crime lord. The unlikely pair, navigating a trail of past traumas, broken dreams, and small victories, try to find a way to shine a light on the dark underbelly of their community before the darkness becomes their own.

What's Brewing: Vested

Vested (Galactic Dynasty #5)

by E. M. Lohr and Wendy Lohr

Final Edits in Progress!

What's Brewing: Annals of Ellie #4

Annals of Ellie #4

by Wendy Lohr

15079 / 100000 words. Annals of Ellie #4 is 15% done!

What's Brewing: Perfect Society Theory

Perfect Society Theory

by Rachel Stark

84074 / 100000 words. Perfect Society Theory is 84% done!

What's Brewing: Blood Origins #2

Blood Lust (Black #2)

by Jessica L. Padilla

29338 / 80000 words. Blood Lust is 37% done!