*** Appalachian Crime ***

In The Country Dark

book cover for In The Country Dark

Darkness is everywhere. It lurks just below the surface, waiting to rear its ugliness, even in small serene West Virginia communities. The darkness of murder and drugs...

Burning Without Knowing

book cover for Burning Without Knowing

Innocence is lost early and only its illusion masks the darkness burning deep within, ensured to rage on by the sins of our fathers. For Shawna, the untimely demise...

*** Teen Mystery ***

Spanish Intrigue

The L & L Mysteries #1

book cover for Spanish Intrigue

Follow Leyla, an intelligent and sensible girl, as she joins forces with Lucien, the risk-taking new guy at school, to solve a thrilling mystery full of danger and humorous situations. In their first adventure, they uncover a dangerous...

The Art of Deceit

The L & L Mysteries #2

book cover for The Art of Deceit

Leyla and Lucien's field trip to the National Gallery of Art reveals more than the teens are expecting. After noticing something odd in a special exhibit painting, they try to convince the director of the Gallery...

The Legend of Goat Head Lodge

The L & L Mysteries #3

book cover for The Legend of Goat Head Lodge

Leyla and Lucien are invited by their friend, Peter Lawson, to spend a week at Goat Head Lodge and Ski Resort. But they soon learn that it may be their last trip...

The Butterfly Connection

The L & L Mysteries #4

book cover for The Butterfly Connection

Leyla and Lucien are vacationing on an island with their families. Instead of lying in the sun, playing in the waves, and relaxing at the resort, the friends inadvertently...

Dangerous Moves

The L & L Mysteries #5

book cover for Dangerous Moves

What do grease pails, dancing, and a new king have in common? A mystery to solve of course. Lucien and Leyla, best friends and budding sleuths, work to put the pieces together...