Manuscript Submissions

Cressen Books LLC is currently seeking aspiring authors with draft manuscripts in all genres except children's books, poetry, and non-fiction. As an e-publishing company, we can offer you the following:

Cauldron bullet Technical and content editing

Cauldron bullet Preparing your manuscript for both electronic and print publishing

Cauldron bulletBook cover creation

Cauldron bulletPublishing your work

Cauldron bulletWeb page sales and exposure

Cauldron bulletMarketing opportunities

Sound good? Hereís how it works: we will review your submission and if it is selected, we will evaluate your manuscript and determine what is needed in order to prepare it for publication. Once our evaluation is complete, we will send you an assessment and a preliminary agreement. After all the details are worked out, our services will be offered to develop a successful product in exchange for a commission per book sold. Thatís right; you donít pay anything up front. We make our money when you make your money.

Still interested? You may submit your draft manuscript in either PDF or Word format via e-mail at: In the Subject Line of your email, please reference Manuscript Submission and provide in the body of the email a brief summary of your manuscript. We look forward to providing you with a great publishing experience.